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Economics: Development Economics: Hot Topic - Migration & Remittances

A guide for UWCSEA Economics students focusing on Development Economics

Exodus: How Migration is Changing Our World

Dr. Paul Collier's book on Migration has just been published. It is reviewed in The Economist.  He will be speaking at the LSE on Migration in November 2013.  Please use this link in order to find details on how to follow this lecture by podcast.

Journal articles - Remittances

Many of you have domestic workers in your home. What about the construction workers you see on the street? Have you ever thought about the impact of their remittances back to their home countries? What about the fact that they are not working in their own countries?  What are the benefits and the disadvantages of migrant workers and their remittances?  Would the migrant worker be better off staying at home and availing themselves of a micro-loan?  What are the economic implications of migrant workers - for the country that they travel to and for the country they leave?

1. Read the articles below and then do some primary data research of your own on a migrant worker in your environment.

2. Find other articles or research that support or negate your arguments.

Singapore Migrant workers

Transient Workers Count Too has continued to actively engage government officials, migrant workers, employment agencies, partner organizations, and the general public. TWC2 has since grown into a reliable help agency for migrant workers who encounter problems with their employers, a source of information for employers and the public, a centre for generating action-oriented research and a credible advocate for a more enlightened regulatory framework.

We are a non-governmental organisation based in Singapore that is concerned about the rights and welfare of migrant workers.

We believe in the principles of equality, non-discrimination and dignity for all.


For a background to this hot topic, watch the video below.  It discusses some benefits and problems with remittances from Migrant workers.  Then read the report by the Economics Intelligence Unit referred to in the video and the other research listed in the box to the left.