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Economics: Development Economics: Books and Physical Resources

A guide for UWCSEA Economics students focusing on Development Economics

Dewey Decimal Classification

Below you will find a list of call numbers using the Dewey Decimal Classification system which indicate where books concerning Developing Economics Topics can be found. In the library, our Development Economics books have been shelved together.  The shelf QR code will lead you to this Libguide.
330.91724 Developing regions - economic conditions
337 International economics
377.1 Multilateral economic cooperation
338.9 Economic development and growth
338.9009 Historical, geographic, persons treatment
338.91 International development and growth
339.4 Factors affecting income and wealth
339.41 Income in relation to consumption 
339.42 Cost of living 
339.43 Savings and investment 
339.46 Poverty
339.47 Consumption (Spending) 
339.49 Conservation of economic resources 
379 Government regulation, control, support 
382 International commerce (Foreign trade) 

Ester Duflo

To introduce some books in the Development Economics field, we start with this video where Prof. Esther Duflo of MIT, 2009 MacArthur Fellow and 2010 Clark Medal winner gives a TED talk advocating field experiments in order to assist with economic choices in development aid.


In her TED Talk, Esther Duflo refers to books written by other development economists, these are listed below, as well as her own book, co-authored with Abhijit Banerjee.  These books can be found in the UWCSEA-East library.  To request a book that is not in the library, add it to the UWCSEA-East Development Economics Goodreads list.

Library Link

A special section has been created for Development Economics in the Library. Here you will find the books recommended in this guide in multiple copies as well as other classic texts in the field.   The QR code on the shelf will guide you back to this guide.

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