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Economics: Development Economics: Audio-visual Links

A guide for UWCSEA Economics students focusing on Development Economics


Joseph Stiglitz, University Professor, Columbia University, Nobel Prize in Economics, 2001, spoke on "A Half Century of Changing Perspectives on Development"

This talk gives a good historical perspective on the changes in thought and experience in Development Economics. Stiglitz also has a good sense of humour which makes the talk quite entertaining as well as informative.

London School of Economics podcast feed

Below you will find a feed of the five most recent talks given at the London School of Economics (LSE), one of the world's most famous institutions for Economics teaching and research.

If you hover over the text, details of the presenters, and a brief summary of the talk is given.  Keep an eye on this feed, as it will feature Paul Collier talking on his new book in November.  It is also worth while to view the website as the LSE has a number of different series of podcasts which may be of interest.

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Development Drums by Owen Barder

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Open Online course by Marginal Revolution University

The feed was chosen as it introduces students to the concept of MOOCs (massive open online course) and covers a considerable amount of ground in the field of Development Economics in 22 ½ hours. It is created by two influential economics professors at George Mason University, Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok, who also blog at the Marginal Revolution weblog.  George Mason University is known for having a particularly strong economics department, and counts two Nobel Economics prize-winners in its faculty. Students are able to get an overview on a large number of areas in Development Economics which can help them in selecting an Extended Essay Topic.

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World Bank Development Blog

A number of economists have blogs, the one hosted by the World Bank's Chief Economist has been chosen for this guide.  See if there are others that you would like to see the feed of here.  A good starting point is the list of Owen Barder - an economist who is very active on social media with his own blog and podcast “Development Drums”. He is a Senior Fellow and European director for The Center for Global Development, and has worked in senior advisory positions in the UK and in Africa.  Besides his list of development blogs, he also has a list of podcasts that is worth investigating.

Let's Talk Development - A blog hosted by the World Bank's Chief Economist. 

The World Bank is an international financial institution with the goal of reducing poverty. It provides capital loans to developing countries. This blog was chosen out of many other alternatives as it covers a wide range of issues across many developing countries and is updated regularly.  It also has a very active comment forum. 

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