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TOK - Theory of Knowledge: Researching & referencing for the TOK Essay

Researching for the TOK essay

As well as the print and online resources specifically mentioned on this libguide, we recommend you use subscription databases, which are authoritative and reliable sources of information. The College subscribes to a number of these databases, and they are available via the Reference Sites page/tab on the College Portal. In particular, the following databases might be useful:




Referencing for the TOK Essay

It is possible to complete a TOK essay without the need for references. However, if you refer to specific facts or opinions, views and theories of individuals, you need to reference in the usual manner, following IB Academic Honesty principles. 

In other words, it is no different to the referencing you would have done for your Extended Essay submission. 

You may use any major referencing style you and your teacher wish, but you must follow it consistently. 

Remember that if you've made an account with EasyBib directly through the Google, that is the free version, and the only style of referencing available to you is MLA. You may wish you look at the College libguide on EasyBib and join the subscription version of EasyBib, which gives you extra functionality, including choice of reference styles - APA, Harvard, Chicago, etc. 

You don't have to use EasyBib. There are other libguides to help you with aspects of referencing and citation. Simply go to and select the Research and Information Literacy tab. Here you will find a selection of helpful libguides about aspects of research and referencing. Additionally, you can ask the Librarian for help.

For your convenience, these links provide further information on major referencing styles: