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TOK - Theory of Knowledge: Introduction


Welcome to this Libguide for TOK. This first page provides general information; following tabs or pages give specific suggestions of resources for different elements of the TOK course. Each WoK (Way of Knowing) and AoK (Area of Knowledge) is listed separately under the general tabs above. Just hover the cursor over the relevant blue tab to see and select sub-pages/tabs. Suggested books are held in the Main Library on the East Campus.

Link to the library catalogue

A number of items in the Library collection could be helpful when looking for resources and information to support your exploration of TOK. This link to the College library catalogue enables you to search under subject or topic terms.

TOK Collection

There is a TOK collection in the Library. Please regard this as a 'starter' collection, as there are many other items in the larger Library print collection which can help you.  In fact, the various tabs in this libguide contain recommendations or suggestions of print resources that are kept in the general collection, not just in the TOK collection. 

Magazines and knowledge questions

Magazines contain current information which can help to examine knowledge questions. These include general interest magazines such as The Week, The Economist and Time magazine. 

Current information provides stimulus material to help understand some of the abstract concepts in TOK, such as Philosophy Now 

All these magazines are available in the Library. 

Digital access to Philosophy Now

The library subscribes to a digital database of Philosophy Now
Philosophy Now offers institutions digital access via IP ranges, so there is no log-in (that is purely for individual subscribers). Users can tell if they are in the subscribed version if they see "UWCSEA" in the top right corner of the screen. 


Don't have time to read a book about TOK? Time management is a big factor for DP students and others. The following tips may be helpful:

  • Don't think of necessarily reading a book 'from cover to cover'
  • Use the List of Contents to help you identify relevant chapters
  • Use the Index (usually at the back of the book) to help you identify relevant pages of information
  • Use skim and scan-reading techniques, e.g. looking for key terms, to ascertain relevant content
  • Use side headings, bold text and illustration headings to help get to relevant sections

IB Theory of Knowledge Guide


The college subscribes to several useful databases of information. These are available through the College Portal. Once you have logged in, click on the bottom of the page to get the pull-up menu. Select "Reference Sites" and there are a number of databases listed.

For TOK, the following databases may be helpful