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Primary Research Hub
Closed questions:
- are about basic facts 
- will get you a one or two word answer
Example: Yes or no questions 
Open questions:
- take a lot of information to answer
- explain why or how
- make connections, predictions, or comparisons
Example: Why did...?, What would happen if...?, What caused...?
Exploratory questions (also known as concept questions) :
- to gain understanding of a new topic
- typically begin with "What"
Example: What are the types of simple machines used in...?
Descriptive questions:
- presents a picture of a specific situation
-typically begin with "How" or Who"
Example: How do students at UWCSEA use technology in their learning?
Explanatory questions:
- build upon exploratory and descriptive research questions
- gives reasons for why things occur
Example: Why do students at UWCSEA use technology in their learning?
Cause & Effect questions:
- explains the relationship between two events

Example: What are the causes and effects of global warming?