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G5: The Exhibition of Learning - We Can Make a Difference


The Exhibition of Learning is a self directed inquiry for students in Grade 5 that highlights the UWCSEA skills and qualities, with a specific focus on being collaborative.  Students have the opportunity to take their learning further through synthesizing information to initiate meaningful action.  Through the inquiry cycle/process, students will connect with members of the school and wider community. Students will celebrate their progress as a learner with a variety of audiences.

Junior Research Hub

A collection of resources to help you complete effective research as a student in a digital world. These resources will provide guidance on the essential steps in completing a research project, from finding information to guidelines on how to use others people's work ethically.


Articles (UWCSEA users only)

I understand that....

  • Individuals, organisations and/or countries take responsible action to support sustainable social and environmental change on a local and global scale.
  • Curiosity and questioning guide the inquirer to explore and identify relevant issues, events and developments.
  • Reliability and perspective must be considered when gathering and organising information.
  • Analysis, synthesis and evaluation of information support the development of informed conclusions.
  • Ongoing reflection supports the identification for change, making connections between ideas and consideration for action.
  • Communication throughout the inquiry process considers the intended audience and the purpose.
  • Responsible and respectful behaviour support positive collaboration online.
  • Managing responses to personal challenge, success and failure contribute to a sense of self.


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