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Research: Chicago Referencing Style: Citing performances

Chicago is a referencing system that uses a noting technique. This guide is intended for IB Diploma Programme students.

Citing live and recorded performances

Especially for drama, you might need to use, as a source of information, a live or recorded performance of a play, musical, etc. Cite such sources of information in the normal way, i.e. you need to be consistent, which is a key requirement of citing and referencing for IB Diploma Programme research, such as the Extended Essay and Internal Assessments. 

For live performances, you will need to record the following information:

  • Title of production
  • Author or authors
  • Director
  • Venue of performance
  • Date of performance

If you're analysizing the work of particular or leading performers, you may wish to include their names in the citation. 

For recorded performances, such as movies or films, you will need to record the following information:

  • Name of the director, followed by the abbreviation "dir."
  • Title
  • Name of company that produced or distributed the recording
  • medium, e.g. DVD, music video, podcast.
  • Date (year only) film or programme was made or distributed

If you access the recording from a website, you need to include the date of access and the url/web address. 

If you refer to a television programme, you may need to include the episode and date the programme was aired (or shown). 


Annotated bibliography

Some IAs require you to provide an annotated bibliography as part of your work. 

  • Purdue Owl has a good page of information

  • Studyweb has a good list of tips about constructing an annotated bibliography (scroll down to the bottom of their page for the list), together with a good example.