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Research: Chicago Referencing Style: Citing illustrations

Chicago is a referencing system that uses a noting technique. This guide is intended for IB Diploma Programme students.

Using illustrations in your text

If you refer to or reproduce illustrations, such as photographs, posters, fine art, in your work, you need to cite and reference the source, as you would for any other source of information. 

In Chicago style, use the next available superscript number and record details of the source of information in the normal way. 

When you reproduce an illustration, remember that it will have a named creator, such as the artist, photographer, graphic designer, etc. 

The footnote or endnote (or bibliography entry) should mention: artist's name, title of piece of art/illustration, date of creation, name of collection/museum/website (if a website, remember to record the date you accessed the website and the url/web address).