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Economics: Introduction: Books & Physical Resources

Dewey Decimal Classification

Below you will find a list of call numbers using the Dewey Decimal Classification system which indicate where books concerning Economics Topics can be found. In the library, our Economics books have been shelved together.  The shelf QR code will lead you to this Libguide.
330 Economics 
330.1 Systems and theories
330.9 Economic situation and conditions
330.971 Economic situation in Canada
331 Labor economics 
331.1 Labor force and market
331.2 Compensation and other conditions of employment
331.3 Workers of specific age groups
331.4 Women workers
331.5 Special categories of workers other than by age or sex
331.6 Categories of workers by racial, ethnic, national origin
331.7 Labor by industry and occupation
331.8 Labor unions, labor-management bargaining and disputes
332 Financial economics 
332.1 Banks and banking
332.3 Credit and loan institutions
332.4 Money
332.6 Investment and investments
332.6 Stocks
332.7 Credit
332.8 Interest and discount
333 Land economics 
333.1 Public ownership and control of land and other natural resources
333.2 Ownership and control of land and natural resources by nongovernmental groups
333.3 Individual (Private) ownership and control of land and other natural resources
333.5 Rental and leasing of land and other natural resources
333.7 Natural resources and energy
333.8 Subsurface resources
333.9 Other natural resources
334 Cooperatives
335 Socialism & related systems 
335.4 Marxian systems
335.5 Democratic socialism
335.6 Fascism
336 Public finance 
336.1 Nontax revenues
336.2 Taxes and taxation
336.3 Public borrowing, debt, expenditure
337 International economics
338 Production 
338.1 Agriculture
338.2 Extraction of minerals
338.3 Other extractive industries
383.4 Secondary industries and services
383.5 General production economics
383.6 Organization of production
383.7 Business enterprises and their structure
383.8 Combinations, trusts
383.9 Economic development and growth
339 Macroeconomics & related topics 
339.2 Distribution of income and wealth
339.3 National product, wealth, income accounts and accounting
339.4 Factors affecting national product, wealth, income
339.5 Macroeconomic policy

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Book Introduction

To introduce some books in the economics field, we start with this video where Richard Wilkinson charts the hard data on economic inequality, and shows what gets worse when rich and poor are too far apart: real effects on health, lifespan, even such basic values as trust.

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A special section has been created for Economics in the Library. Here you will find the books recommended in this guide in multiple copies as well as other classic texts in the field.   The QR code on the shelf will guide you back to this guide.