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Mathematics: Introduction: Institutions & People


A number of universities, research institutes and Non-Governmental organizations have played an important role in the field of mathematics. It is worth examining their websites for further information on the work they do and what their empahsis and specialisation is.  The links below will take you to their sites where you can find more information.

Who's Who

The field of mathematics counts a number of famous mathematicians including those who are either a  Fields medal or Abel prize winner, two of the most prestigious prizes in mathematics. Here are some bios of Mathematicians who have won the MacArthur fellowship.

Maria Chudnovsky is a mathematician who investigates the fundamental principles of graph theory. When used to solve real-world problems, like efficient scheduling for an airline or package delivery service, graphs are usually so complex that it is not possible to determine whether testing all the possibilities individually will find the best solution in a practical time period. Chudnovsky explores classifications and properties of graphs that can serve as shortcuts to brute-force methods; showing that a specific graph belongs to a certain class often implies that it can be calculated relatively quickly.

L. Mahadevan is a mathematician who applies complex mathematical analyses to a variety of seemingly simple, but vexing, questions across the physical and biological sciences — how cloth folds when draped, how skin wrinkles, how flags flutter, how Venus flytraps snap closed. Through his explorations of shape and motion, in many different material types, sizes, and time frames, Mahadevan strives to identify commonalities of the fundamental nonlinear and nonequilibrium behavior driving them.

Terence Tao is a mathematician who has developed profound insights into a host of difficult areas, including partial differential equations, harmonic analysis, combinatorics, and number theory. He has made significant advances in problems such as Horn’s Conjecture, which he and Allen Knutson showed can be reduced to a geometric combinatorial configuration known as a “honeycomb”; this problem holds deep implications for more abstract mathematical relationships in algebraic combinatorics. His analysis of the Schroedinger equation, a central element of quantum mechanics, has provided new avenues for solving nonlinear partial differential equations.


Famous mathematicians in history

Here is a list of historically famous Mathematicians with a discription of their contribution to the discipline.