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Mathematics: Introduction: Books & Physical Resources

Dewey Decimal Classification

Below you will find a list of call numbers using the Dewey Decimal Classification system which indicate where books concerning Mathematics Topics can be found. In the library, our Math books have been shelved together.  The shelf QR code will lead you to this Libguide.
510    Mathematics 
510.1 Philosophy and theory
511    General topics 
511.3 Mathematical (Symbolic) logic
512    Algebra & number theory 
512.9 Foundations of algebra
513    Arithmetic
513.2 Specific arithmetic operations
513.5 Numeration systems
514    Topology
515    Analysis
516    Geometry 
516.2 Euclidean geometry
516.3 Analytic geometries
516.9 Non-Euclidean geometries
519    Probabilities & applied mathematics 
519.2 Probabilities
519.3 Game theory 
519.4 Applied numerical analysis 
519.5 Statistical mathematics 
519.7 Programming 
519.8 Special topics

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Mathematics EE Student Guide

The Maths department has written a guide to the EE in Mathematics which can be accessed here.

Book Introduction

To introduce some books in the mathematics field, we start with this video where Mike Price, the MA's librarian, shows us a copy of Oliver Byrne's 1847 edition of Euclid with coloured diagrams, which must surely be one of the most unusual geometry books ever written.

Recommended by Department

Maths Textbook
Books in the library - you may find books by the following authors useful:
Keith Devlin
Marcus du Sautoy
Martin Gardner
Douglas Hofstadter
Eli Maor
John Allen Paulos
Ian Stewart
Steven Strogatz
Here are some great books
    How to Solve It, by George Polya (on order)
      The Joy of x, by Steven Strogatz (on order)