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Mathematics: Introduction: Online Resources


Stuff for Inspiration

University of St. Andrews Math History Site 
NUMBERPHILE - some seriously interesting videos on numbers and stuff....!

Worldometer - world statistics continually updated

Money - infographic (mind blowing stuff!)

You have heard me talk about the most beautiful formula in the world - Eulers identity
but how about this for the cleverest? Tupper's self-referential formula

This is pretty neat! A tautochrone curve is one where the time taken by an object sliding down (without friction in uniform gravity) to the bottom is INDEPENDENT of the starting position.

As seen above, all four points end up at the bottom at the same time!

Statistics & probability



UN data: A huge database of socioeconomic data broken down by country that could be really fun to explore, (may be a bit overwhelming if you don’t have an idea of what you are looking for.)

UN World Population Prospects:  Great population data for every country in the world (since 1950) and population predictions through 2100. There are also lots of great population factors that you can look at too.

Gapminder:  Good, focused data about various human geography type topics.

Google Public Data Explorer: Like the UN data website, just a ton of random data that would be fun to sift through. They do have a rolling front page though that gives random data ideas, which is fun to look through.

Google Trends: This is a really cool Google service where you can get data on how popular search terms are over time. You can see the correlation between different terms and restrict data to different regions.

Box Office Mojo: Box office data! Different types of movies seem to have different models that fit their data (for example, the gross earnings for an indie movie turned popular fits a logistic function very well). Sometimes it’s a little hard to find that data in a good form because people usually only care what’s going on this week, and also care more about rankings, but you can click on a movie and then get box office earnings by week for every movie ever!

Baby Name Voyager: Great website, even though the data isn’t that accessible (just graphs and then you can see the numbers on the graphs). It shows trends of baby names over time (as in how many people are named Bowman by year) which is really fun.


Databases - other institutions

A number other databases and online resources in Mathematics have been curated for you to look at.