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Good reads for Grade 7 students: Start here

Recommendations from the UWCSEA Library about reading in different genres. The recommended titles are stocked by the Library. If an item is on loan when you're looking for it, the book can be reserved for you.

Introduction - about this LibGuide

Welcome to this LibGuide about genres. Each tab at the top of this page contains recommendations or examples of the genre you're interested in. 

The tabs relate to the following genres -

  • Adventure and thriller
  • Biography and autobiography
  • Fantasy
  • Historical fiction
  • Mystery stories
  • Poetry
  • Realistic fiction
  • Science fiction
  • Traditional and classic literature
  • Top 10 Picks

On each tab, you will find suggestions for reading in that genre. As well as a picture of the book's cover, each item is 'hyper-linked' to further details about the book, in the UWCSEA online catalogue. To obtain further information, just click on the title of the book (which is in blue coloured print).  

Please think creatively when looking at the recommendations. For instance, whilst one book by an author may be mentioned, that author may have written a series or other books that are similar, and just as interesting and enjoyable to read.