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Events: Authors @ East: Writers Fortnight 2013

A guide to writer and author events at UWCSEA East

Overview of Visiting Authors

Schedule - Week 1

Schedule - Week 2


Below are samples of some of the authors’ work, or links to interesting online information about them, for you to read before you meet them.  As you do, keep in mind questions you might want to ask them about their writing experiences.

  1. Lydia Astill
  2. Jyoti Angresh & Melissa Diagana
  3. Gauri Bhatia
  4. Steve Dawson
  5. Meher Deva
  6. Mukul Deva
  7. Jacyntha England
  8. Jennifer Gargiulo
  9. Neil Humphreys
  10. Chris Huntington
  11. Valerie Browne Lester
  12. Alison Jean Lester
  13. Simon May
  14. Ben Morley
  15. Dhooleka Sarhadi Raj
  16. Tabby Stirling
  17. Ali Moore
  18. Galya Prokopieva
  19. Julian Rake
  20. Sharon Cheah
  21. Ken Teh
  22. Corinna Schuler
  23. Adam Schwartz
  24. Darren Schuettler
  25. Holly Thompson