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How-to: Research Help: Online Bibliographic Tools

Information on tools and resources available


There are several online bibliographic tools that help you create bibliographies and "works cited" lists in different referencing styles, e.g., MLA, APA, or Chicago.

The school has a subscription to NoodleTools.  We used to have an account with EasyBib, but switched to RefMe, when EasyBib was bought by a company called Chegg and changed their pricing structure and features on offer.  Recently, however, RefMe was also acquired by Chegg and as of March 7th, it will become Cite This For Me.  Our students will have premium accounts in Cite This For Me until June 30, 2017.

UPDATE 8 Mar 2017:   To transfer your old RefME data, go to and manually try to log in -- using your * email and password.  (Trying to log in using the Google+ auto-login won't work.)  It will then tell you that you need to change your password and will send you an email to do that.  (Look in your Spam folder if it doesn't show up.)  Once you change your password, you should be able to see all your old bibliographies from RefMe.  Let us know if you have any problems (email or use the system).

This page will be updated with more information about each of the various bibliographic tools.  Watch this space.