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EAST Librarians Knowledge Sharing Workshop 2017 (LKSW2017)


Each evening there will be an opportunity to attend a social get-together with delegates, their guests and members of the International School Libraries Network (Singapore) (ISLN).

These events are entirely optional. Guests of delegates, members and guests of the ISLN Network are welcome to attend the social events and library tours.

More details will be provided prior to the event as we will be asking for RSVPs for these events.


Delegates taking part in the library tours and/or pre-conference sessions will be meeting (transport provided) at the National Library Board's library@orchard at 4:15pm to have a look at this amazing facility.  Afterwards, around 5pm we go to a nearby restaurant for dinner.  Meal and drinks at this event are at your own cost.


Delegates taking part in tours and/or pre-conference sessions will be meeting (transport provided) at UWCSEA Dover at 4:15pm to tour their new library. A cocktail reception will follow, from 5-7pm.

We hope that delegates arriving on Thursday for the LKSW2017, along with members of the ISLN Network, will join us at the UWCSEA Dover library for this event. There is no charge for this event for delegates or ISLN members.  Delegates may bring a guest to this event.


The Conference BBQ dinner will be held in the  UWCSEA East Primary Library from 5:00pm onwards.  ISLN members and delegates guests are welcome to attend. The cost US$40 per person. This includes soft drinks, wine and beer. ISLN members providing a homestay for a delegate will receive a 100% cashback discount for this event.


Farewell dinner on the beach. When the conference finishes at 4:30 we will be going to a bar on the breezy Northern beaches of Singapore. This is only a short taxi-ride from UWCSEA East. This event is at the delegates' own expenseISLN members and delegates guests are welcome to attend.