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EAST Librarians Knowledge Sharing Workshop 2017 (LKSW2017)



UWCSEA East Campus, 1 Tampines Street 73, Singapore 528704. 
T +6563055344

Arriving by public transport to UWCSEA East Campus (depending on direction of bus)
• Tampines Avenue 5: Bus numbers 34, 69 and 293. Bus stops - Blk 730 or Blk 867A. Turn right into Tampines Street 71 then left into Tampines Street 73.

• Tampines Avenue 9: Bus numbers 27, 72, 168. Bus stops - Blk 742A or
OppBlks 741/742. Turn left into Tampines Street 73.
• Tampines Avenue 10: Bus numbers 34 and 58. Bus stops -
Bef Tampines Ave 5 or Aft Tampines Ave 5. Turn left into Tampines Avenue 5, left into Tampines Street 71 then left into Tampines Street 73.

From Tampines MRT, you can reach the college by bus from Tampines Bus Interchange as follows:
• Board bus service 69 and alight at bus stop Tampines Ave 5, Blk 867A, 3 stops later.
• Alternatively, board bus service 72 and alight at bus stop Tampines Ave 9, Blk 742A, 4 stops later.

UWCSEA East is a 15-minute drive from Changi Airport. Expect that a taxi will cost between $12-$18.

Taxis are plentiful and relatively inexpensive. If you use the GRAB app in your home country, it should work in Singapore.

The MRT is a quick, cheap and convenient way to travel in Singapore, but unfortunately, Tampines. the nearest MRT to UWCSEA East is still a bus or taxi ride from the MRT


Homestay Options


In order to keep costs for participants manageable we are attempting to co-ordinate homestays with members of the ISLN network. Members of ISLN who provide a homestay will be refunded the cost of the conference dinner in the form of cashback before the dinner.

Homestay providers will provide a single or shared room (shared with another delegate) and will advise delegates as to how to get to and from the venues, and when possible share transport with them.


There are several listings located near UWCSEA East


The Centre for International Education has links to hotels near the East Campus

Visit some excellent websites to help you plan your free time: