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WS: Finding a library book at home and in the classroom: Call #

Did you know that you can find the book that you want BEFORE you come to the library? Here's how.....

The books in the library are part of the collection of resources that belong to the library. The collection also has eBooks, books in classrooms, books for teachers and much more. The collection is divided into locations to make it easier for you to find the right book. The books in each location in the library have a spine label with a call number on it. The call number is like the address  of the book. If you know what location the book is in, you should be able to locate it using the numbers and/or letters on the spine label.  

These are the locations in the Primary Library and a description of the call numbers that you will find in that location.

More on Call # (Numbers)

More on Call # (Numbers)

Books in other languages

The World Language Collection is shelved according to language then grouped by fiction and non-fiction

Biographies are all shelved in the 920-921 area at the end of the non-fiction shelves. Their call# is made up of the location BIO, 920 or 921 is the Dewey number and the first 3 letters of the last name of who the book is about  


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