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Just "Google" It: Practice

A guide to help younger students locate relevant information



Use the search box above to help you complete the tasks below. The result will open in a new window so that you can find the answer and return to this page

You have 30 mins...

How long will you use for research?

How long to make a beautiful party invitation?

Make sure that you allocate your time sensibly.

Click on the egg to help you keep track of time.

What is your question, what are the keywords?

You can write them in this box, but they will NOT be saved when you leave this page.

Enlarge the box by grabbing the bottom, right-hand corner of the box


It's your birthday - you need to organise a party. Use your search skills to find the perfect venue. Then make a party invitation in Google Slides (the one above is an example).

The party will have a theme.

The theme will be "On this Day in History". Be sure to include at least 1 thing on the invitation that happened on your birth day, before  you were born and after 1950. It should be something guests can dress up as, or bring a "prop" connected to that event.

What is the perfect venue?

Nowhere that you have been before. (Be truthful).

No more than 20 miles from school (put the mileage on your invitation)

Suitable for kids of your age.

Share your slide with your teacher and Ms Barb (


Some hacks to try in this exercise....


By using advanced search in Google Images you will be able to find a perfect border or background for your slide using only images that are free to use, therefore, not ignoring copyright.

Or use Pixabay. Using the arrow next to the search box you can filter in the same way as you do in Google

We have a subscription to Encyclopedia Britannica image quest. You can access it from school.