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Just "Google" It: Google

A guide to help younger students locate relevant information

What you see depends on who you are!

Spot the difference

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The same search in 3 different Google geographic locations. Very little is relevant for a primary school student searching for information on tigers. Can you see how Google changes its results to suit your country? Even the adverts and "searches related to" (at the bottom of the page) are different. There are so many results. How can you get fewer, better results? Take a look here.....



The library provides many alternatives to using Google. (see this page). Some of these will provide you with relevant, age appropriate information, so we encourage you to try using these for your research, however, we know that for many people, Google will be a good starting point for their research, and/or may be the only place that they look for information.

Why do people use Google?

  • it's easy & fast
  • it searches billions of URLs
  • search results include a snippet of the text so that you can see if it looks relevant before entering the page

Are there any disadvantages?

  • if your search is too simple you will get millions of results
  • adverts are the top choices
  • the results on the first pages are not necessarily the best results, they are sites that have been cleverly designed to be found first
  • many results will be irrelevant and/or not age appropriate
  • What Google are you searching? Different countries, different results


What is searching

CommonSense Media

Make a plan

How long does my teacher expect me to work on this topic?

What do I want/need to find out? Develop a question

What keywords will I use in a search? Write them down, it will save you time later.

What is a reasonable amount of time to spend looking for information?

Where will I look for this information?

What do I need to produce at the end and how long will that take me? 
example : iMovie, Keynote, Poster, essay, poem, drawing

REMEMBER - Producing the end product will probably take longer than the research, if you want to hand in quality work.

How I might spend my time