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A Time for Action ! - G5 Exhibition 2020

The Exhibition of Learning is a self directed inquiry for students in Grade 5 that highlights the UWCSEA skills and qualities, with a specific focus on being collaborative. Students have the opportunity to take their learning further through synthesizing


We are wondering about:



Wild and exotic animals being kept as pets in Singapore

Endangered animals in particular orangutans, tigers & elephants

How does captivity affect animals?

What types of animal tourism exists in Singapore?

How is the captivity affecting the animals at Singapore zoo/adventure cove?

What do people think about visiting animals in zoos/riding elephants?

What is the most popular type of animal tourism?

How can we make sure that people do not make irresponsible choices towards animal tourism?



This famous Singaporean icon was once kept as a pet

Ah Meng (circa 18 June 1960 – 8 February 2008) (Chinese: 阿明) was a
Sumatran orangutan and a tourism icon of Singapore.
She was smuggled from Indonesia and kept illegally as a domestic pet before being recovered by a veterinarian in 1971.
She was then eleven years old and was given a home at the 
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