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Dance: Introduction: Books

Books available in the Library

Drama and Theatre resources in the Library

The College Library Service provides a range of print items on the subject of drama and theatre. The books are arranged on the shelves by the Dewey Decimal Classification system, so are in number order, starting with 000 and ending with 999, etc. You can check the library catalogue here for specific books, but the following classification numbers might help if you're looking around the library shelves. As always, please ask a member of the library staff for any assistance in identifying and locating resources. 

Print resources in the UWCSEA Library

Dewey Classication numbers of interest to IB Drama students:

782.1  Beijing Opera

792  Theatre

793  Dance

809.2  Drama [as a literary form]

812  American drama

822  English [British] drama

832  German [language] drama [may be             translated into English language]

839  Scandinavian literature e.g. Ibsen

842  French [language] drama

882   [Ancient] Greek drama

891. 72   Russian [language] drama

895.62    Japanese drama

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