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MS Humanities: Vietnam War: Start here

Vietnam - Identity and Influence

Option 1:

What are the three most significant historical events in Vietnamese history? 

  • (expository and persuasive)
  • you need to persuade the reader that these are the most important events 
  • explain the events through their causes and effects

Option 2:

Discuss the impact of the Cold War on Vietnam and its people. (expository - democracy vs. communism)

  • what was the cold war - overview for context
  • impact on the people in the north
  • impact on the people in the south

Option 3:

Was Ho Chi Minh truly a great leader of Vietnam? (persuasive)

  • what did he accomplish?
  • did his leadership and actions benefit or hinder the Vietnamese people?
  • what leadership qualities did he have?
  • how is he viewed today? what is his legacy?

Option 4:

Explain the impact of the US-Vietnam war on Vietnam. (expository)

  • impact on the people of the North and South 
  • impact on the environment
  • how did the war shape the identity of modern Vietnam?

Timeline Map of the war

Created by Nadine Bailey

This guide was created by Nadine Bailey between November 2013 and June 2015.

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