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Harvard referencing style: What a bibliography looks like

Harvard is a style that uses the author/date in-text citation technique. This style is used in many universities, especially in the UK and Australasia.

Reference list or bibliography

These terms are interchangeable for all practical purposes. The IB refer to the term bibliography in the Extended Essay Guide.

You should only include sources you have used/cited in your essay.

The reference list or bibliography is given in one alphabetical order, arranged by the surname or family name of the author. Don't forget that an organization can also be an author. 


What the bibliography or reference list looks like in Harvard style

Reference List

Phillips, P. (2003) Population trends 1900-1999. New York: Puttnam & Sons Inc. 

Singh, R., Mathews, T., and Pfeffer, M. (2010) 'Contrasting trends in Southern European population trends', Journal of Population Studies, 7, pp. 44-99. 

UNICEF (2009) Population trends Southern Europe. Available at: text. htm (Accessed 24 June 2014).


  • The basic order is: author, year of publication, title, place or location of publication, publisher. 
  • For an article in a journal or periodical, the periodical is given in italic script. You also add volume number (and issue number, where given), also pages. 
  • For a website, the url is given at the end of the reference. You just need to add the date you accessed the website at the very end of the reference.



You can get further information on how to order different types of resources from the websites listed on the front of this libguide. Also in the book Cite them right.

The online citation service, EasyBib, also has an option for citing with the Harvard Style. Information about accessing the College's subscription link to EasyBib is available at the beginning of this libguide.

Remember that you're responsible for checking your work, including that in-text citations and references are correct.