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HS: Science - Physics: Start here

Physics Dream Sources

Where to starting finding ideas for your Physics IA

Science Buddies has some interesting ideas

All Science Fairs have some very inspiring physics projects.

Some great extended project ideas here: 300 stimulating ideas for IB Physics Practical Investigations & EEs.

The Flying Circus of Physics website has some quite unconventional physics perspectives on most things. The book is also available in the library.

There is also the Physics Review periodical in the library that has articles, many of which are of  an appropriate standard for IB Physics.

The International School Bangkok have compiled a real science journal of successful student projects and Extended Essays.

See all the Extended Essays in Physics from UWCSEA - Dover and East -- in the library catalog here.  Remember: essays from 2006 onwards were grade A or B.  And you can read them freely online.