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MS Humanities: Analyzing sources

The case of Michael Fay

Image taken from this website.

Newspaper articles from 1994

Gluckman, Ron. “More at Stake in Singapore Caning Than the Law - Six Slashing Strokes of a Cane Are Set to Be More Widely Analysed, Interpreted and Felt Than Any Other Lashes in the Annals of Corporal Punishment.” South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) 3 Apr. 1994 : 11. Print. URL

“‘Kiasu' Society Seeks to Save Face - But Singapore May Sully Reputation.” Sun, The (Baltimore, MD) 17 Apr. 1994 : 24A. Print. URL

Liu, M. "I Tried to Ignore the Pain." Newsweek, 124.1 (1994): 36.   URL

Pringle, James. “Mother Tells of Ordeal over Caning Plea Delay - Michael Fay.” Times, The (London, England) 30 Apr. 1994 : 9. Print. URL

“Singapore Caning Brings Outpouring of Agreement Here.” St. Louis Post-Dispatch 10 Apr. 1994 : 1A. Print. URL

“Singapore Shrugs Off Uproar over ‘Barbaric’ Flogging.” Independent, The (London, England) 2 Apr. 1994 : 014. Print. URL

“Won't America Let It Be?” Editorial. The Straits Times, Singapore. 13 May 1994 : Page 34. Print. URL


Note:  the above references are in MLA (Modern Language Association) format.

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Key Questions

Learning Intention:   I can analyse sources to help me understand their use and limitations. 

Be a detective as you analyse sources to find the hidden clues. The following questions should help to support you in this work.

What is being communicated?

What are the key points?

Who is communicating?

What do you know about the author e.g. their gender, social status, occupation, religion, age, political beliefs? Does any of this matter?

When and where was this communicated?

When was this created? What was going on in the world, the country, the region or the locality? Is this important to know?

Why was this communicated?

Is there a particular perspective or bias? Who was the intended audience?  What techniques are used to make a point e.g. title, language choice, voice. What does the title/image communicate? What powerful words and ideas are expressed? Is there anything not being communicated? How has the message been influenced?

What is the next step in my research?

Has this source led me to other sources?  What other perspectives to I need to explore? What question has this source raised?


If you are going to use this source in your research, record the basic information in MLA format and include a link if available.

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