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History: The Interwar Years - 1920s/1930s: Internet resources

League of Nations

Click here to access the UN's archive of The League of Nations (which is another online guide like this one).


Digital primary documents assembled at Mount Holyoke College.
(1918-1941; transcriptions and translations)

About 260 full-text documents provided by Northwestern University Library.
Browse by title or by year.
(1919-1946; facsimiles and transcriptions in various languages)
Includes a League of Nations Timeline and Documents of the League.
In cooperation between the League of Nations Archive in Geneva and Indiana University Center for the Study of Global Change.
(1919-1939; images, transcriptions, and commentary)

"Chronological history of certain major international events leading up to and during World War II with the ostensible reasons advanced for their occurrence."
(1931-1944; transcription)

Fordham Internet History

The Aftermath of WWI

Lead Up to War - WWII

Excerpt from a book

Links from HistoryTeacher.Net

Click here for a long list of links to primary source documents relating to the interwar years.

World Digital Library

Search for digital objects between 1917-1937 in the World Digital Library