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EAST Primary Holiday Reading - 2022


  • If you have returned all of your books by 1 June you can borrow whatever is sensible for you
    • Consider ... if you are travelling you may prefer to load up with eBooks


  • Books borrowed after 1 June are due back before 29 August


  • If you are leaving UWCSEA please return all of your books by 10 June to avoid being charged for outstanding loans. You may take books from our "no need to return box"


  • The Primary Library will be closed for everything but returns from 16 June so do your holiday borrowing early and bring a back to put lots of books in!


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These holidays relax with a book (physical or online).

Watch a movie or a TV show with a critical eye.

Listen to an audiobook or a podcast.

Use what you have learned to be creative.

Use this guide to spark your imagination.

Have a wonderful holiday - The Library Staff




Your challenge, should you decide to accept it, is to

  • Join the National Library Board (preferably before the holidays). 
  • Bring (or email a photo) of a current NLB library card for someone in your family into the Primary Library before 1 September 2022.
  • Go in the lucky draw for one of three $15 vouchers for Scholastic Book Club.




Why would you join NLB? Books, activities, home delivery for under 9s, events, and a HUGE amount of online content that you can access from anywhere in the world.


UWCSEA has a great library but NLB is a wonderful extension to keep you reading over the summer.