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STAFF: Primary School Classroom collections: Supporting EAL with Diverse Books

Wordless books lack text, but not meaning or relevance to language. In fact, research from Neurophyschologia suggested that readers use linguistic processes to construct meaning from sequences of images. Comprehension of visual narratives is similar, structurally, to language that relies on narrative grammar.

The resulting benefits are powerful. Instead of being overwhelmed by text, learners work hard to fill the gaps in images to create meaning. 

"The Benefits of Wordless Picture Books for English Language Learners." Lesley University, 202?,
    Accessed 24 Sept. 2020.

Some excellent wordless books in our collection

                            Wordless Graphic Novels


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Using non-fiction to develop oral language

The image-related text features in simple non-fiction texts, for example information with captions and labels, will help the learner to explore different, more technical vocabulary and assist them to develop their own drawings with captions and labels. 


Some useful series