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As well as multiple copies of physical books the library can assist you with finding books online that students can access in small groups.

Each product has benefits and limitations when it comes to using it for bookclubOur main online products are:

myON books can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously. myON's strength is non-fiction so the selection for bookclubs are limited. They are really good for graphic novels and high-interest, low level publications. Books are leveled using the Fountas and Pinnell system

Epic is not easy to search but, books are leveled using the Fountas and Pinnell system. Books are only available during school hours unless families subscribe to a paid account. Families with accounts can download and read books offline.
Multiple users can access the books simultaneously. 

​BorrowBox is not usually the platform that we have multiple copies on, but, a lot of eBooks are surprisingly inexpensive so it is not unreasonable for us to buy 4-5 copies of a title if there are titles that interest the students. We can usually make them available within 24 hours.