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G5: Expository - Non Fiction

“The best non-fiction is also creative” Tracy Kidder

Saccardi, Marianne C. Books That Teach Kids to Write. Libraries Unlimited, 2011.


This unit will offer students a chance to deepen their expository nonfiction reading skills and practice them with increased sophistication. 


Initially, students will explore various nonfiction texts (inclusive of written texts, infographics and videos).


Students will be given the opportunity to become experts in a topic of their choice. Students will also learn how to search a topic effectively to find online texts that are reliable, relevant and at a just right reading level.

We will come to understand that:

  • What a non-fiction text is.
  • How the structure of the text helps us to understand its intended meaning
  • Why we read expository texts


Read an interactive eBook - click on the cover - login to Destiny and click the OPEN button