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Suggested Websites 
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Children - Employment

Global march against child labour

This site has extensive links to information about child labour and related issues such as girl child labour, education and the child soldier.

Human rights

Child Rights Information Network

The Child Rights Information Network (CRIN) represents child rights organizations that work to improve the lives of children. Information on the site includes the Convention on the Rights of the Child, child labour, juvenile justice, children and war, child abuse, education, health, sexual exploitation, violence, HIV, AIDS and human rights.

Employment conditions - Moral and ethical aspects

Buy ethical, end exploitation

World Vision reveals that many industries are supporting and furthering the use of forced, child and trafficked labour without even knowing it, and provides articles and fact sheets on chocolate, tea, coffee, palm oil, cotton, minerals in electronic components, seafood, and gem mining and jewellery production.
Save the Children Fund

Save the Children

Save the Children has information about its organisation and where they operate. There is useful information in the section about the problems children face in developing countries, such as landmines, poverty, child labour, abuse and violence. The kids page has profiles of children living in extra-ordinary circumstances.