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Drama & Theatre: Introduction: Home

A guide to helpful information sources for students of IB Diploma Programme drama and theatre courses.


Databases are a good source of digitized or online information. Databases are not available on the free Web, as a subscription is required before searching. The College Library takes out a subscription for you. We list the most relevant databases for drama and theatre below, in this box. (The full list of databases the College subscribes to is available on the College Portal, select "Reference Sites".)

For all UWCSEA logins/passwords, see (a Google Doc) or see the list in "Reference Sites". You will need passwords if you use the databases from home. 

If you are unfamiliar with databases, you might want to start with the library guide "Databases: Overview".  

Recommended Links

These recommended websites have been researched by the library staff. Some are general in scope, whilst others are more specialist, so please use the brief reviews, written by the library staff, to help you select helpful websites. 

Subscription Journals

Journals are academic types of magazines. The contents of these journals are articles or 'papers' written by academics, scholars, or experts in a particular area of drama and theatre studies. The information in the articles is authoritative.

There is a wide range of journals published, and they often limit themselves to very specific areas. You can see a wide range of titles in the next box, but the journals listed in this box are ones recommended by the Drama Department and subscribed to by the College.

These are the online theatre journals that UWCSEA has subscribed to. Current and past issues are available full-text. Just like databases, these online journals are searchable by terms that you choose.

National Library Board: ProQuest Theatre/Drama Journals

Click here for an overview of the NLB ProQuest databases.

The National Library Board (NLB) offers a wide range of databases. You need to become a member (free if you're a Singaporean national, or a PR), but worth the modest annual fee to access the databases, which include the following journals, available through a database provider (company) called ProQuest. 

American Theatre  
Asian Theatre Journal  
Canadian Theatre Review  
Entertainment Design - The Art and Technology of Show Business  
Forum Modernes Theater  
The Journal of American Drama and Theatre  
New England Theatre Journal  
New Theatre Quarterly  
Nineteenth Century Theatre and Film  
NTQ - New Theatre Quarterly  
Restoration and 18th Century Theatre Research  
TD & T - Theatre Design & Technology  
Theatre Annual  
Theatre History Studies  
Theatre Journal  
Theatre Notebook: A Journal of the History and Technique of the British Theatre  
Theatre Research International  
Theatre Studies  
Theatre Survey - The Journal of the American Society for Theatre Research  
Theatre Symposium: A Journal of the Southeastern Theatre Conference  
Theatre Topics  
TheatreForum - International Theatre Journal  
Themes in Theatre  

Drama Library of NBL

Here in Singapore, there is a specialized resource called library@Esplanade. This is a specialized library that contains resources and information about the performing arts - drama, theatre, film, and music. Books, journals and magazines are available, together with DVDs and CDs. You can visit the library and use resources there. If you have an NBL membership card, you can borrow items from the library. This library is located in the Esplanade Centre. 

DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar is a specialized option of Google. As its name suggests, searches in Google Scholar will show results of writings of academics, experts or scholars of particular areas of subject disciplines. You may get full-text results or citations which show where potentially-useful information is located.

Google Scholar Search

Drama and Theatre resources in the Library

The College Library Service provides a range of print items on the subject of drama and theatre. The books are arranged on the shelves by the Dewey Decimal Classification system, so are in number order, starting with 000 and ending with 999, etc. You can check the library catalogue here for specific books, but the following classification numbers might help if you're looking around the library shelves. As always, please ask a member of the library staff for any assistance in identifying and locating resources. 

Print resources in the UWCSEA Library

Dewey Classication numbers of interest to IB Drama students:

782.1  Beijing Opera

792  Theatre

793  Dance

809.2  Drama [as a literary form]

812  American drama

822  English [British] drama

832  German [language] drama [may be             translated into English language]

839  Scandinavian literature e.g. Ibsen

842  French [language] drama

882   [Ancient] Greek drama

891. 72   Russian [language] drama

895.62    Japanese drama

Referencing and citations

When you're researching, you need to record your sources and attribute any quotes. This also applies when you paraphrase and explain ideas learnt from a source of information you used. 

This link helps with strategies for good practice when using an online referencing tool and reminds you what is expected by the IB.