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MLA. Help with citing and referencing in MLA: MLA Sample

Information and strategies to help you reference effectively using MLA 8 (8th edition of the Modern Language Association referencing style) and comply with IB Academic Honesty requirements.

MLA Example

The writing excerpt below uses inline citations to point to information sources taken from the bibliography beneath. 

To Eat Meat or Not?

Americans in 1976 consumed an average of 91.5 pounds of beef per year; today that figure is down to 54 pounds (Kunzig).  The UK is about the same, with an average per person consumption of 56 pounds of red and processed meat annually ("Great Meat"). The health danger with eating red meat comes from the high levels of saturated fat.  Vegetarians may feel virtuous, but they should realize that cheese has higher levels of saturated fat than hamburgers (Smith 54).
There are vigorous debates in the scientific community about how much red meat is bad for your health, but all seem to agree that processed meat (bacon, ham, salami, etc.) is definitely worse than unprocessed ("Great Meat"). 

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