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MS Humanities: Sustainable Cities: Sustainable Resources


The Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET)

"A USAID-funded activity that collaborates with international, regional and national partners to provide timely and rigorous early warning and vulnerability information on emerging and evolving food security issues."

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations

Food price indices, country briefs, and information on stopping world hunger.

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

"An alliance of grassroots organizations that advocates for federal policy reform to advance the sustainability of agriculture, food systems, natural resources, and rural communities."

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

Publications and resources on sustainable agriculture, local food systems, and more.

Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education (SARE)

"Grants and education to advance innovations in sustainable agriculture."

World Health Organization - Biotechnology (GM foods)

Basic information on genetically modified foods.
Dirty Dozen
Find out which fruits and veggies are on the dirty dozen and clean fifteen lists. (Look for this app in iTunes or Google Play.)
"Pinpoint nearby farmers' markets & farms that sell the products you love. Discover seasonal recipes. Share it all on Facebook."
Seafood Watch
"Up-to-date recommendations for ocean-friendly seafood and sushi."


Green Living

This Wikipedia website provides details of sustainable houses in Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, France, United States and Asia


explains how copper can be used in sustainable buildings, internally and externally.


Institute for Sustainable Futures

Institute for Sustainable Futures looks at ways to ensure a better future through the use of energy, water, waste management, urban transport and sustainable development.

National Geographic - Greendex

Earth easy: solutions for sustainable living.

A commercial site with a green focus. Might be able to give ideas about existing green technology inventions

TED talks - Sustainability

Short Youtube videos on sustainability


Virtual water is "the volume of water that circulates in an economic system as an embedded ingredient of food and other traded products."
--"Managing the Global Water System." The Princeton Guide to Ecology.

Virtual Water Poster
See how much virtual water is used to produce wheat, beef, cheese, and more.
UNESCO Water Milestones
Important dates, events, and outcomes from 1972-2006.
United Nations Environment Programme - Freshwater
Policies, programs, and publications on the world's freshwater supply.
Reports, including the World Water Development Report, and statistics on world water resources.
World Water Council
"A global water movement for a water secure world."


United Nations - Sustainable Energy for all

2012 was the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All. This website aims to promote the goals of the year which are: 'recognition that access to affordable modern energy services is essential for sustainable development.
Energy efficient lighting

Incandescent vs compact fluorescent globes
Popular Mechanics
Energy efficient lighting
Earth easy commercial site
Energy for Kids
U.S. Energy Information Administration. Simple but effective explanations.


Ancient Water system


How fridges and freezers are recycled.

Sims recycling - a commercial site, but relevant information.

Recycling Fact sheets

Planet Ark


A series of short videos from Planet Ark on recycling various materials


Sustainable Education Technology Project

The aim of this site is to 'increase people's awareness of sustainable technology, enabling them to recognise the economic, environmental and social impacts of their own technology choices. ' The website includes case studies of sustainable technology, design process ideas (resistant materials, food technology and textiles technology), activities and teacher notes.

Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs

Recycling technological waste

Visualising the e-waste problem

Where does e-waste end up?


Interactive of the toxic elements in a computer

National Geographic

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