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Geography: Introduction: Social Media & Audio/Video

Video - Geo-medicine

Where you live: It impacts your health as much as diet and genes do, but it's not part of your medical records. At TEDMED, Bill Davenhall shows how overlooked government geo-data (from local heart-attack rates to toxic dumpsite info) can mesh with mobile GPS apps to keep doctors in the loop. Call it "geo-medicine."

Geo currents

GeoCurrents is a map-illustrated forum dedicated to the global geography of current events. It provides historical background, regional analysis, and political and intellectual context for events, both major and minor, as long as they bear on larger issues and have a clear geographic expression. The site also emphasizes linguistics, as the spatial patterning of language and the geographical distribution of speech communities have profound bearing on the human condition.

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Ogle Earth

Ogle Earth looks at the political, social and scientific impact of networked digital maps and geospatial imagery, with a special focus on Google Earth. In mid-2005, Google launched two products that would forever change how we think of maps, or for that matter, our planet: The Google Maps API let web developers build and deploy their own web-based maps; and Google Earth brought a free, high-resolution virtual globe to every web-connected household. Previously expensive satellite imagery was suddenly freely accessible to all. The possibilities were enormous.

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Digital Urban

Digital Urban is written by Dr Andrew Hudson-Smith, Director and Deputy Chair of the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) at The Bartlett, University CollegeLondon. Andy is a Reader in Digital Urban Systems and Editor-in-Chief of Future Internet Journal, he is also an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a member of the Greater London Authority Smart London Board  and Course Founder of the MRes in Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation at University College London.  With a focus on key research around smart cities, digital communication and the Internet of Things his work has featured widely in the media.

Theblog aims to cover everything relating to sensing, mapping and visualising digital technologies in urban environments, with a view towards smart cities, smart places and urban technology.

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Other social media

Besides the blogs, podcasts, online courses and Youtube videos included in this guide, information can also be found in other social media.  A number of geographers are on Twitter and have their own blogs or FaceBook pages. is a new aggregator for social media - experiment with it using the suggested search terms and see what resources it results in.

Here is a list of other blogs that may be worth following. 

Bill Davenhall

Bill Davenhall leads the health and human services team at Esri, the largest geographic information system (GIS) software developer in the world. His customers include thousands of public health authorities, hospitals, medical centers, social service organizations, health research centers and health related foundations and NGO’s across the globe. Bill has over 30 years of experience in using geographic and demographic information to solve business, health and social problems. His knowledge and experience in creating new and useful intelligence out of what seems to be ordinary data is extensive.

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New Geography Blog is a joint venture of Joel Kotkin and Praxis Strategy Group is a site devoted to analyzing and discussing the places where we live and work. We want to know not only what is happening, but also how you, your company and your community can best adapt to rapidly changing conditions. We welcome your writing, your thoughts on the site, and your insights on economic development, metropolitan demographics, and community leadership.

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