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History: Institutions & People

An introductory guide for High School Students


A number of universities, research institutes and Non-Governmental organizations have played an important role in the field of history. It is worth examining their websites for further information on the work they do and what their empahsis and specialisation is.  

Famous Historians in History

Get involved locally!

The Adam Park Project in Singapore is a joint project between University of Glasgow and Singapore: "As the demand for more housing and new development slowly covers the island in concrete, the need to preserve and record vital WW2 battlefield heritage has never been more urgent. Up until now much of the limited resource has been focused on preserving the concrete fortifications which has for many years represented all that was bad about the 1942 invasion and the British defeat. However many of these sites were bypassed by the Japanese or abandoned by the British and witnessed little of the actual fighting.

This project is unique for Singapore as it focuses on not only the battlegrounds but also the POW story and it is attempting to evaluate the potential for similar sites across the island. The case study for the assessment is the defence of the Adam Park Estate by the 1st Battalion of the Cambridgeshires Regiment, ‘The Fen Tigers’, from the 12th to 15th February 1942 and the use of the estate as a POW Camp No.1 from March 1942 right up to the end of the war."

You can get involved in digs - contact the project and get on their mailing list by liking them on facebook.



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