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History: World War One: Videos / Films

Interactive Documentary

 First World War: the story of a global conflict - which explores the global impact of the conflict through a unique, immersive approach to digital storytelling. 'The project has been produced with the support of Imperial War Museums, who provided archival support and consultancy.

Fully translated into seven languages, including Arabic and Hindi, the documentary examines the whole picture of the war, from outbreak to aftermath, with expert analysis and original journalism powered by innovative digital and interactive tools.

Prof. Hew Strachan: The First World War

Series based on the books of  Professor Hew Strachan. It examines every aspect of the war, from its causes to the conduct of the war on and behind the front lines to its aftermath.

Watch the full documentary now (playlist – 7 hours, 35 minutes)

BBC Documentary: The Great War