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Events: Texts Worth Teaching: East Asia: Robert Yeo

Resources for the Conference Day


This is a select list that refers to the talk Robert will give on Writing English in SE Asia i.e it lists the books only of authors mentioned.



Some of these texts have been published by Random House in the U.S.A. and are available at Kinokuniya, Books Actually and Select Books in Singapore. The rest are available at Solidarity Bookshop, Manila.


Jose's output is vast and the below is a partial listing of his fiction:


1. The Rosales Tetralogy ( the 5 novels can be read independently )

- Po-on

- Tree

- My Brother, my Executioner

- The Pretenders

- Mass


2. Short Story Collections

- Waywaya: 11 Filipino Short Stories

- Olvidon and Other Stories


3. Essays

- This I Believe Gleanings from a Life in Literature

- Heroes in the Attic Termites in the Sala Why We are Poor




These texts are available at Kinokuniya, Books Actually and Select Books, Singapore.

1. Plays ( all three published in 2004 by Marshall Cavendish )

- The Big Purge

- !984 Here &Now

- WE Could ****  You, Mr Birch

( My introduction to Birch is a comprehensive survey of Kee as dramatist. )


2. Essays

- Just in So Many Words



These texts are available at Kinokuniya, Books Actually and Select Books, Singapore.

1. Poetry

- The Best of Robert Yeo

- Plays

- The Singapore Trilogy

- Fiction

- The Adventures of Holden Heng

- Memoir

- Routes  A Singaporean 1940-75

- Anthologies ( ed.)

- One The Anthology


2.  Interviews

- Ronald D. Klein ( ed.) Interlogue Studies in Singapore Literature Vol 4 Interviews. Ethos Books

- Mohmmad Quayum (ed)  Peninsula Muse ( Modern Poetry Vol 2 ). Peter Lang, publisher


3. Criticism

- Rajeev Patke and Philip Holden. The Routledge Concise History of Southeast Asian Writing in English, 2010


Robert Yeo's Handout

Click here to access a PDF of the excerpts Robert Yeo provided for the conference.