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A guide on how to use the various eBooks the library subscribes to.

How to use FollettShelf

What is Follett Shelf?

Destiny Discover is one of the options available to you when you go to the catalog.  It is on the left side toolbar.
Clicking on "Destiny Discover" will take you to a different interface of the library's collection. Scroll down until you see the eBooks category.  Click "See All" to see the entire collection and once there you can use the search window to narrow your choices. 
NOTE: If you DON'T see options other than "open" then you are not logged in. You will need to log in with your UWCSEA credentials to checkout or put a book in your favorites. eBooks from suppliers other than Follett will only show you the "open," "favorite," and "add to collections" options.

There are two ways you can use the Follett ebooks:
 1. Read Online -- You can preview books or read portions of the books without checking them out. You will need to login with your UWC login and password If you choose this, you may not be able to finish the book because someone else can read it or check it out when you are not reading it. You can use the read online feature to see if you like the book, re-read parts of a book you have already read, or get the citation information you might need for it. You only have temporary control over the book when you choose 'Read Online'. 

2. Check Out Online. You can check out the book just like you would a print copy and have exclusive rights to read the book for 2 weeks. If you use this option, the book will be ready to read whenever you get a chance. You can check it in before the 2 weeks is over. When 2 weeks are done, the book is automatically returned to the catalog and will be 'available' for others to read or check out.  
If you want to download ebooks to your Ipad: Destiny Discover
The iPad® App can be found in the Apple App Store or on iTunes
Click on the image below to get directions for downloading and logging in to the Destiny Discover App on your device. Scroll down until you see Destiny Discover App instructions.



A selection of our books

Click the image below to see the collection of Follett Shelf eBooks in our Secondary Library catalog.

Quick guide:

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