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G3: Personal Narrative: Mentor Texts

Unit Summary

In this unit, students will strive towards two important goals: increased independence and dramatic growth in the level of their writing. Students will move from drafting directly into booklets to using their writer’s notebooks to begin writing and generating ideas. Children will be taught strategies to generate ideas, seeing their whole lives as material for writing and gathering lots of quick-write entries focused on the genre of personal narrative. They will have the opportunity to select one of their entries, which has potential, and draft, revise and edit in order to produce a published piece of work.


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I understand that...

Writers follow a process to improve their writing.

We create real or imagined experiences when writing stories by using characters and setting.

Devising a plot using a story mountain creates suspense, drama and resolution.

Conventional standard English grammar improves communication.

Conventional capitalisation and punctuation improve communication.


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