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Research: APA Referencing Style: Chapter in book

Notes to help you understand and use the APA referencing style. This lib guide is focused on the needs of IB Diploma Programme level students.

Authors of chapters in book

In academic writing, it is common for authors to be asked to contribute sections or chapters in a book. It might be that there is an author or authors for each chapter in the book. The book tends to be edited by someone else. 

The format for the reference for this type of resource is as follows:

Author of the chapter. Year of publication of the book. Title of the chapter. Names of editors of the book. Title of the book. Pages of the chapter. Place of publication. Publisher. 

This example shows the punctuation used:


Hayden, M. & Thompson, M. (2013). International schools: antecedents, current issues and metaphors for the future. In

             R.Pearce (Ed.), International education and schools (pp. 3-24). London: Bloomsbury Publishing. 


For the intext citation, you use only the author(s) of the chapter you've read, e.g. (Hayden & Thompson, 2013).