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G8 Migration: Early Migration

Examines the complexity of migration by analysing causes and effects, impact on place of origin and destination

Early Migration - essential questions

Why do people migrate?

  • What causes people to migrate?

  • How do social, economic, political and environmental factors influence migration?

  • How are social, economic, political and environmental factors for migration interrelated?

The Human Journey

Go to this website and answer the following questions:

  1. Where and when did Homo Sapiens (our ancestors) originate?
  2. When groups first started traveling throughout Africa, why do you think they moved?
  3. What did the Sahara look like 125,000 years ago?
  4. What journey did a group make 85,000 years ago?  What did they eat?
  5. Find and click on the thundercloud.  What type of climate was likely in Singapore at that time?
  6. What happened to Mt. Toba and what were the consequences?
  7. What happened 52,000 years ago and why did this cause people to move north?
  8. What is the Chauvet cave and what does it tell us about the people of the time?
  9. What was the Bering land bridge and what did it allow?
  10. Why were people forced to live in refuges 20,000 years ago?
  11. What new region was populated 12,000 years ago?
  12. What happened with the end of the ice age?  How might this affect human populations?  (Think of 3 ways)

Early Migration Visuals

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