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East Libraries: Secondary Library: Classroom Reading

The homepage of the Kishore Mahbubani Library on the East campus

MS Reading Zone

Browse the books available in the MS Reading Zone in the library.

MS - Recommendations for students with high variation between age and reading ability

For middle school students who are not strong readers, see these recommended books (roughly Fountas & Pinnell levels O through T):

For middle school students and upper primary students who are strong readers, here are some series in the secondary library they might like.  

NB:  Heavy on fantasy (because less likely to include mature content!) AND only the 1st in a series is included.

MS Buddy Reading

MS Buddy Reading -- titles appropriate for high school students for which we have at least 2 copies in the library, either 2 print copies, 1 print + 1 ebook, or 2 ebooks

Fountas & Pinnell levels of books

Fountas & Pinnell (F&P) is a leveling system which we use in our primary and middle school.  Click here for a UWC-working-document scanned booklet outlining the different levels.

You can always search for books by F&P in the Destiny catalog system.

There are also links to each of the Middle School Class Libraries with associated F&P levels on the Visual Search page.

Fresh Reads in High School

Starting in 2015-2016, the high school English department have had "fresh" stocks of books, rotating through their classroom four times a year.  

These collections, known as "Fresh Reads," contain recent, popular reads for students to borrow in addition to the teacher's classroom library and are held in spinning racks on wheels.

There are four different collections of "Fresh Reads" identified by COLOR, e.g., Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green.  

And there are three full sets of each -- SPADES, CLUBS, and DIAMONDS --  where each classroom will belong to the SPADES or CLUBS or DIAMOND group.  

So in any HS English classroom at any time, there should always be a revolving rack clearly showing a collection color and group symbol, e.g.,





Each book is clearly labeled by color (collection) and symbol (classroom sharing group).

Teachers loan these books out using their iPhone or iPad and the Follett Destiny app -- which allows them to check out and check in books on the Destiny systems.

HS Buddy Reading

HS Buddy Reading -- titles appropriate for high school students for which we have at least 2 copies in the library, either 2 print copies, 1 print + 1 ebook, or 2 ebooks

Professional Connections

Friend us on Goodreads -- or just follow our reviews.  It's such a useful social platform to follow what we all are reading.

Teachers!  Do you have favorite pairings of books you love to recommend?  Then share them on this public Google Plus community - Reading Constellations.


Further explanations

For more detail about how these satellite collections are managed in conjunction with the library collection (all cataloged in Follett Destiny), see these blog posts by Katie Day:

Need a login or password for a database or subscription service?  See Reference Sites under Learning Links on the UWCSEA website, which can be accessed directly via:   The same information is available via Google Docs:

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