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Primary Library Highlights - February/March 2021: Home


This is a small selection of the books that have arrived in the library in the past few weeks. The UWCSEA Community should login to Destiny to locate the books in the library and check availability.

Clicking the icons next to each title will take you to lists of books that are linked to the UWCSEA Learner Profile.

For complete lists of new arrivals check out the February New Arrivals and March New Arrivals.


More Books

Even more great books!


A graphic novel about a spunky pup who gets trapped in a world filled with magic, adventure, and one giant, grumpy monster.
While trying to bury a shoe in the backyard, a young dog who lives with two humans and three cats is transported to a world filled with magic and adventure,

The Odds

Meet The Odds ...because fitting in is overrated.

A hilarious and heart-filled graphic novel series about identity, imagination and discovering who you are. 

The Heart of the Bubble

Suitable for anyone and everyone who needs their heart warmed right now.

A touching tale of a family's awakening to what really matters, set during the coronavirus pandemic.