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Economics: Introduction: Introduction


This guide has been created in order to assist students in their investigation and research in the field of Economics.  It is not meant to be all inclusive, but rather a selection of topics, issues, researchers and thinkers, books, online resources and social media to pique interest in Economics and act as a road map as to where further resources can be found.

Created by Nadine Bailey

This guide was created by Nadine Bailey between November 2013 and June 2015.

Please report any problems or missing links to for changes and updates.

Video - what is ?

What is Economics?

Here is a combination of several "60 Second Adventures in Economics" presented by the Open University

Terms Glossary

This link will take you to an on-line Glossary of Terms & Concepts from Economics for Everyone by Jim Stanford.

The on-line list of Economics A-Z terms of The Economist can be found here.

Google Scholar Searches

Boolean Searches

Use AND to find all your search terms
migrant AND labour AND remittances

Use OR to find any of your search terms
migration OR remittances

Search for exact phrases using quotations " " (this is important to prevent confusion with "economic development".)
“development economics”

Use truncation (*) to find different word endings and plurals
econom* finds economist, economic, economics, economy, economical

Use the Wildcard (?) to find variations in spelling
labo?r finds labor and labour

Use brackets ( )  for complex search statements
“development economics” AND (migration OR remittances)


Google Scholar Search