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HELP: Using Epic: Recommended Reads

Because Epic is difficult to search, here are some suggested titles to get you started. If the title suits you, scroll to the back of the book for more suggestions or search for the author's name or subject keywords.

Remember, you can adjust your preferences to receive more relevant suggestions.

G3: Following Characters into Meaning

Diary of Shamini Flint search for FLINT

Martin Bridge series search for MARTIN BRIDGE

Books by Anita Daher search for ANITA DAHER

The Boxcar Children search for BOXCAR

The Blossoms meet the Vulture Lady search for BLOSSOMS BYARS

Casebusters search for CASEBUSTERS

Even before they immigrate to America, Hanna and her family dream of the new life they will have there. "You will see, Hanna," Papa said. "There are streets of gold." But when they arrive, they find life very different from what they had imagined. 

Search for TRINKA HAKES NOBLE for a selection of books

G2: Once Upon A Time. Click on the cover for more information