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G5: RefME Bibliographic Tool: Glossary


Words you might hear when we talk about referencing:

Annotate - the author includes explanations or evaluations of the books to help the reader judge the usefulness of the source

Bibliography - A bibliography can be a short book list at the end of an article or a long list of different resources.

Bibliographies are compiled to provide the reader with information about resources that are useful for a particular topic. The resources listed  may not necessarily have been quoted in the article it follows. They may have been used to provide the writer information about the topic. 

Citationis written in the text to let the reader know that the writer has used information from a certain source.

It may also be called an Inline citation or an Intext citationAny citation will also have more detailed information in the Reference list . Citations help us to acknowledge other peoples work.

Inline citation - see Citation

Intext citationsee Citation

List of works cited - see Reference list

Reference list - also called List of works cited or Resource list is a list at the end of a piece of work listing all of the resources that have been used or referred to in the piece of work

References - the individual resources that make up the Reference list

Resource listsee Reference list

Resources - also called sources are where your information comes from. They might be ...

Sources - see Resources