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G5: RefME Bibliographic Tool: Adding references


There are several easy ways to add resources to your reference list:

Add the webpage that you are working on...

If you are on your computer you can use the web clipper. The icon    will be in your bookmarks bar.
Click on the icon and select the project that you would like to add this website to.

You can add it to an existing project or start a new project.
The entry will appear and you can edit, annotate (if necessary) and save  it to your project

On a mobile device, use the sharing icon to save websites to your projects

Add a book...

Open your RefMe account and choose the project that you want to add the book to.

Select BOOK from the choices provided and type in the ISBN, title or author and search.  If you are using a mobile device you will have the option to use your camera to scan the ISBN

If the book is found, select it and edit it if necessary. After you have saved it you can add notes if required.

If your book is not found select Enter manually and type the information into the fields provided.

Add any of your other resources...

Choose the More tab to select different types of resources. Enter the details manully using the fields supplied and save.